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Uhm help?

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When I try to record games, with or without sound, when I click on the game, the video turns black when I watch it. And how am I spouse to do stuff if I can't click on my screen? Camstudio works fine when I use it with Fire Fox though. I don't get it, what am I doing wrong? D:

Please help!


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    CamStudio can't record many PC games due to how the games are rendered by the computer. You would need something like Taksi, fraps, or gamecam to do this instead.
  • @Shellz11

    The black screen problem isn't to do with CamStudio - it's to do with the way that Windows renders non-browser based video content on-screen.

    99% of the time, you can fix the problem by temporarily disabling hardware acceleration in Windows via the Control Panel before you start recording.

    To do this on Windows 2000/XP, go to the Control Panel, choose Display : Properties : Settings : Advanced : Troubleshooting. Set the Hardware Acceleration slider to None.

    For other versions of Windows, go to the Control Panel, choose System, (and under the performance tab), choose Graphics : Advanced. Set the Hardware Acceleration slider to None.

    Brandished is correct - while CamStudio may "technically" be able to record games, that's not what it was designed for.

    You'll be much better off using any of these:

    FRAPS: http://www.fraps.com ($37)

    GAMECAM: http://www.planetgamecam.com ($29.95 or Xpress Version $19.95)

    TAKSI: http://taksi.sourceforge.net (free - open source)

    WEGAME: http://www.wegame.com (free - closed source)

    @Brandished, thanks for the GameCam tip - never heard of that one.



    Nick :o)
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