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editing my CamStudio produced AVI

First of all , newbie, CamStudio looks quite promising.

This may not be CamStudio's issue but my hope was to be able to capture via CamStudio but then edit the resulting AVI in Sony Vega Studio, where I would be able to use noise gates, compression on the vocals as well as annotate the video. I also assume that Vega's has good exports so that I can squeeze things down to a manageable size and finally publish to Screencast for their free streaming. BTW, I'm here because Jing's limitation of 5 mins is a bit oppressive.

The problem is that when I load AVIs from CamStudio , they looked zoomed in and run slow in Vega's preview window. This is not the case where I to load an AVI that I may have captured with my Flip it camera.


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