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Sound doesn't work with this software

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The audio doesn't work at all. I have the most common sound card, the Soundblaster Audigy running under Windows XP Pro.
I started by installing version 2.0 of your software and there was no sound. I then tried running the Beta 2.5 version which had working sound recording for a while. I then tried reinstalling version 2.0 and sound has never worked again.

The soundbaster is detected on channel 4 for the speakers and I've tried to use the microphone mode. The Soundblaster Audigy has the mixer set to all the defaults.

What's wrong with your software? How can I get it to work? Is there some settings that need to be changed somewhere?



  • Just curios, why did you uninstall 2.5 if the sound worked? What makes you so sure the fault of the problem was CamStudio?
  • I wasn't sure what the difference was between the 2.5 beta and version 2.0, so I figured the 2.5 beta version would always work if I went back to it. I installed version 2.0 to see what the differences were between the two versions. Actually the 2.0 version required the install and uninstall. The 2.5 beta doesn't have an install or uninstall, you just put the files in a folder and run the software by double clicking it.

    The reason I know Cam Studio is the problem is because I never installed or uninstalled anything on my computer except version 2.0 of Cam Studio. That's the only change. Also, version 2.0 of Cam Studio NEVER worked, it was bug ridden from the start.
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    CamStudio isn't perfect, but I don't think your assertions match up with reality here. A program not working on your computer does not really indicate anything other then it doesn't work on your computer. If CamStudio was indeed completely broken itself (as you imply it is), it wouldn't work on anyone's computer. Judging by the thousands of users that have been successful in recording video and audio using CamStudio, I'd say this possibility is out of the question.

    My guess is the problem likely lies somewhere in your own set-up, caused by a hardware and/or software incompatibility. I have XP Pro and a Creative Audigy 4 myself and have been able to use both 2.0 and 2.5 with minimal issues, so I doubt it's either of those.

    You need to make sure:
    * CamStudio (and whatever codecs you want to use with it) are properly installed and configured
    * Your computer hardware (microphone, audio card, video card, etc) and hardware drivers are installed and working properly
    * You have enough free space on your hard drive for CamStudio to store recorded video (I'd recommend at least 2 GiB)
    * You're using a descent resolution for the video output (width and height values should be even numbers \ wholly divisible by 2)
    * There is no media programs running in the background blocking access to the necessary audio and/or video hardware
    * A Windows security setting isn't blocking CamStudio from the required libraries and resources
    * A security program (Antivirus and/or Firewall) isn't blocking CamStudio from the required libraries and resources
    * A virus/spyware/malware application isn't blocking CamStudio from the required libraries and resources
    * You don't have a misconfigured/outdated/broken codec pack installed

    I put together some basic info here (http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Using_CamStudio) for 2.5 a while back, it might be worthwhile to give that a look as well.

    /me needs to get this info copied into a sticky
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    Many thanks for putting together that info on WikiBooks ... If I can figure out how to make posts Sticky I'll certainly do it to this one.


    Nick :o)
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