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CamStudio for macs

Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me, I am looking to install camstudio, but the download won't work on my mac.. does anyone know of a link which is compatible?

Thanks, Kyle


  • At this time CamStudio does not run on Mac (and probably won't anytime soon). I don't know of any free desktop recorder specifically for Mac,. There are plenty of screen recorders if you are willing to pay. The only one I've used is http://www.ambrosiasw.com/utilities/snapzprox/. I only used it a little bit, but it seemed to work well enough. Let us know if you find a good mac alternative.
  • @Kyle Morris

    Currently, as stated, it won't run on any Mac right now. When you downloaded the file, it was saved as an "EXE", a proprietary Windows installation file. To run on a Mac, it must be a Mac OS X proprietary executable, a ".APP". Until an "Application" version of CamStudio is released, it'll only be a Windows Executable.

    Sadly, any of the freeware screen capture applications don't work at all. Assuming you're running Mac OS X Snow Leopard, I can only recommend QuickTime X, the built in media player. Go to File > New Screen Recording, or press "Control+Command+N". Best luck - I can't wait for the Mac release of CamStudio either.
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    There's several alternatives for the Mac, though I haven't yet seen any free ones that match CamStudio's combined abilities and ease-of-use.

    There's the "web-based" screen recorders like:

    There's also Jing:

    And you can even use the open-source VLC (VideoLan) of all things to record screen casts as well, see:

    I don't believe VLC can record audio, though.
  • As Camstudio is using MicroSoft libraries and classes I do not expect that one will be able to build a Mac binary soon.
    Maybe one can use a Windows emulator. (Such as Wine on Linux, although I do not know if this will work)

    Camstudio is Windows 32 bit only and upgrade to other OS's or Win 64 Bits is not expected soon

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