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No Audio when recording from web page.

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I am running CamStudio v.2.0 on a Win/XP Pro system with SP3. I can not get any sound to record with the video. CamStudio recognizes the sound device automatically (Realtek HD Audio Output). Sometimes, when I select the "record from speakers option, I get the "WaveoutGetSelectControl() Failed" message. Even if I don't get the message, I still get no audio from the recorded file. Windows Media Player, RealPlayer v10, and CamStudio will not play any audio from the recoded file. I have attempted to use the manual selection option, but it will not run beyond the second prompt. Is my sound device unsupported or are there other things I can try? Thanks


  • In this link see the post by Woedge, it seems to have helped a number of people.
  • Thanks for the prompt reply, but Woedge's fix does not seem to follow for XP. I changed some settings in the Sounds and Audio Devices section to maximize the volume for all outputs and inputs, but that does not fix the problem. In addition, I have a new problem with CamStudio. When I start a recording, I get "Error Creating AVI File" error as well as the "WaveoutGetSelectControl()" message. I have uninstalled CamStudio and reinstalled it from the download .exe file with no changes. I like the way this program works, but without sound, it is not useful. Any further help will be appreciated. It's times like this that I wish I had a Linux system installed. Thanks,
  • I uninstalled CamStudio and deleted the download from the system. I downloaded CamStudio v2.0 again and installed it. I get the following error message when I start a record session. The specified device handler is invalid. In stop(0). That is followed by the Error Creating AVI File message. Tomorrow, I am going to try using the input device with an external microphone. Pictures at 11.
  • OK, I am about to give up. I changed the options to use the microphone input and plugged a professional mike into the front mike jack of the system. I get the same errors with this input as I did in yesterday's post. I also do not get the option to test the input device anymore. Can someone please help me understand what I may be doing wrong here? Thanks.
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    I found the controls for the RealTek hardware on my system and set the input to StereoMix. I reinstalled v2.0 of CamStudio and tried to record again. When I set CS to record from Audio Speakers and set the options for speakers, I get the Error Creating AVI File Message. I am trying to record with the variable region option as the video I want to record is buried in a web page. I now never get the flashing corner brackets after I release the mouse button. If I try to record using the microphone setting, I get the invalid device handler in stop(0) message and the AVI error message. I also do not get the flashing corner brackets with this set up. Do I need to download and install the v2.5 recorder module as described in the "Record audio from speakers restored (I hope) thread?
  • My apologies for being so thick on this. I went ahead and replaced the Recorder.exe file with the v2.5 version and copied the cximage.dll file into the Camstudio folder on my XP/Pro system. When I launched CS and selected the options, I see that the record options changed to using the input of the audio hardware. I still have the hardware set to stereo mix, so I attempted to record the video. I get the same error messages as before. I am not getting the wave out error. I then plugged a microphone into the system and the Realtek device handler sensed it and changed the input to the microphone. When I selected record from the CS menu bar and set the region with the mouse, I received the same two error messages as before.
  • Due to a time deadline, I installed a trial of Camtasia v6 and recorded the web video successfully. I am able to play the recorded .avi file with RealPlayer SP. I am still very interested in making CamStudio work on this system. If someone has any solutions, I'd be happy to try them. Please let me know. Thanks.
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