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Video Play Time Different from Shown Time

edited December 2009 in Announcements
I am trying to get the smallest possible video with audio file I can get.

I captured a 57 second video with DivX Fast Motion and Audio with LAME 3 codec. During playback in WMPlayer, the audio syncs with the video, but the video length shown on WMPlayer is 13"47 minutes long while the video plays to a quarter of that and stops when it finishes. I tried it with different combination of audio bit rates and I can't seem to find the right mix ...any ideas ?


  • Hi EdT

    Try changing the capture and playback settings in CamStudio to:

    Keyframes: Every 30 frames

    Capture Frames: Every 50 milliseconds
    Playback Rate: 20 frames/second

    If you *still* get the same problem, try recording the audio as PCM (no compression) and see if that makes a difference.

    If you get a satisfactory results, you can then import the video into VirtualDub and re-save a new version of the video with MP3 audio


    Nick :o)
  • Hi, I am having a similar issue, but it seems random, I am recording with the options listed in nicks post, and some times it still add's extra time to my recording, making the file larger and most of the time makes it so the file cannot save die to the 2gb limit.
    Also when i say its random i mean it did this when i first started using camstudio.. then stoped, I have recorded about 16 video's since then. Then it suddenly started doing it again.

    I am using camstudios lossless codec, and PCM audio. ( I am using a alienware area 51, with windows 7, and soundblaster Xi-fi fidelty)

    Please responde soon.
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