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unsuccessful .avi to .swf

edited January 2010 in Announcements
Conversion from .avi to .swf using camstudio's SWF Producer 1.0 has been unsuccessful.

the .avi is a CamStudio Lossless Codec v1.4
Quality - 70 Set Key Frames Every 200 Frames
Framerates - Capture Frames Every 5 milliseconds
Playback Rate 200 frames/second
Auto adjust selected

Any advice will help...


  • You may be optimistic on 200 frames/second.

    Try 100, 50 and several others depending where the problem starts.

    This may be related to the capabilities of your computer rather than CS.
    Watch your CPU usage and post what that is for the different frame rates.

    Also you could try CS 2.5b1.
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