Due to continual spamming, forum registrations are now by Invitation Only. Hopefully this will be only a temporary measure to combat spammers.

If you want an invitation contact forumapplication @ camstudio . org

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Contact Form Disabled

edited January 2010 in Announcements
I've had to disable the contact form on this forum due to complaints from members about receiving spam.

It will remain disabled until I can find a way to add a CAPTCHA or SAPTCHA to the contact form HTML.

If you have a support query, please post it to the forum - do not send it to me directly.

If you are a PHP ninja or have experience with the Vanilla forum system and want to offer help to implement some anti-spam protection, please get in touch with me via the contact form on my personal site at nickthegeek #dot# com.




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