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Pornographic Links Warning


Just a warning to you all. Some of the versions out there have the FAQ which links to a site called answers with loads of porno comments. Please check your version to make sure you not using a version with this problem.


  • edited October 2010
    To clarify Thomas note, it's because some of the original links in CamStudio V2.0 redirect to eHelp.com whose domain is now under new management running a "Yahoo Answers" type site which does contain some adult content but nothing we have any control over.

    If you're concerned about this, please use the 2.5beta from:

    http://camstudio.org/dev (BTW. Obsolete since July 2010)

    or the more up to date 2.6 weekly build beta from BleeBlap's website instead:

    http://www.bleeblap.com/CamStudio/weeklybuilds.php (BTW. Obsolete since July 2010)


  • Better suggestion now:

    download v2.6 from SourceForge or Camstudio, available since summer 2010.
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