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CamStudio 3.0

edited April 2010 in Support
I was able to install CamStudio 2.5 and it works great!

When I went to the SourceForge CamStudio page, it shows that version 3.0 and 3.0.1 is released.

I have tried looking for information on how to go about installing it, but haven't been able to find anything.

Here is the link I am talking about: http://sourceforge.net/projects/camstudio/files/

I would greatly appreciate it someone can help me install the latest version of CamStudio.

Thanks in advance.


  • Hi Guys

    CamStudio 3.0 is still in the pre-alpha stage and so not ready for general use or even proper testing yet.

    Only masochists and developers should play around with it ;o)

    Just stick with the latest 2.x release for now.

    Some tidying up work by Tim (who refactored a substantial chunk of the 2.x code) will be continuing on 2.x source, but efforts are now focusing on CS3 from this point on.

    For those that are interested, CS3 is a complete rewrite from scratch in C# and aims to finally fix all the quirks and outstanding issues from CS2.

    CS3 binaries and source are released under GPL V3 (that means attribution for all you code leechers).

    An official announcement will be made when we have a stable beta.

    Experienced C# developers with Visual Studio 2008/2010 who'd like to help out, please email me at support@camstudio.org


    Nick :o)
  • Awesome! All the best to everyone working on CamStudio 3.
  • Good to hear work is progressing! Good luck with the further work!
  • Hi everyone, I self taught myself C# and I understand the basics of the language (oop, databinding, etc) and I have just downloaded the source to v3. When I compile the app in Visual Studio 2008 Pro I'm getting a build error saying it can't find referencing libraries. Do I have to import some stuff in code before I can build?
  • Those are great news, Nick :)
    And congratulations to Tim for his contributions to the project.

    Keep up the good work.

  • He guys. I'm not that much into C# yet. But I try to teach it myself. I just installed MS Visual C# Express, downloaded the CamStudio3 sourcecode and tryed to compile:

    Error 1 The best overloaded method match for 'CSV3.Recorder.RecorderMain.SetRecordingControlsChecked(CSLibraryV3.Enums.RecordingAreaEnum.RecordingAreaConsts, int)' has some invalid arguments C:\code\CamStudio3\_Apps\Recorder\RecorderMain.cs 70 13 Recorder
    Error 2 Argument 1: cannot convert from 'CSLibraryV3.Enums.RecordingAreaEnum' to 'CSLibraryV3.Enums.RecordingAreaEnum.RecordingAreaConsts' C:\code\CamStudio3\_Apps\Recorder\RecorderMain.cs 70 46 Recorder
    Error 3 A switch expression or case label must be a bool, char, string, integral, enum, or corresponding nullable type C:\code\CamStudio3\_Apps\Recorder\RecorderMain.cs 181 25 Recorder
    Error 4 Cannot implicitly convert type 'CSLibraryV3.Enums.RecordingAreaEnum.RecordingAreaConsts' to 'CSLibraryV3.Enums.RecordingAreaEnum' C:\code\CamStudio3\_Apps\Recorder\RecorderMain.cs 490 43 Recorder

    doesn't look like resources missing. But maybe it doesn't match the 2010 Express??! Oo?
  • If Microsoft have repeated what they did with VS 2008, then 2010 Express will be missing some of the functions you need to successfully compile.

    You would need Visual Studio 2010 Professional at least.
  • Thanks to all who work (code) on CamStudio!

    I have version 2.5. Is it latest for users? If not where do I get the latest installation file?

  • https://sourceforge.net/projects/camstudio/files/

    Version 2.6 beta is there now

    Don't know what's up with a version 3 coming - 2.6 just got released, so 3.0 beta .exe's may be a while!

    Terry Britton
  • CamStudio 3.0 development is paused for the time being whilst the main bugs are finally squished in the 2.x version.

    Once we know what the plan's going to be with CS3, don't worry we'll let everyone know and keep everyone abreast of developments.

    The two things I can tell you are ... it's a complete 100% rewrite from scratch and with the plan I'm putting together, Techsmith better be worried.
  • To be honest, to me the current design (3.0.4) of CS 3.0 looks a little like a migration from a monolithic C-style project to the same style in C#.
    Few classes with numerous methods and properties, use of partial classes, lots of VS designer related stuff ...
    I wonder if there is a general design idea behind this all or even maybe an architecture (multi-tier?).
    To understand a project of such complexity IMHO a software design model is essential. I would also suggest this in order to encourage other folks in participating in this great project. Diving into the source code straightaway can be frightening ;-)
    Just my two cents.

  • edited August 2010
    Hi Joern

    Thanks for your feedback.

    The current code was purely to get a raw functioning CS working in C# - the actual UI and feature development hadn't yet begun.

    A properly structured plan (design and development-wise) will be used when CS3 development resumes at some point in the future.


    Nick :o)
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