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suggestion: link to the beta on the main page

Why not? (just note to people that it's beta).


  • Hi Roger

    Been waiting for the latest binaries to be compiled, which they are now.

    Beta link will be added to the homepage and in the Announcements section of the forum today.


    Nick :o)
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    I thought the latest beta would be for 3.0, not 2.6 - which should we be using? (or are they the same thing?)

    Beta 2.6 link for those who haven't found it on the home page yet:


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    Hi terry,

    v3.0 is a new development of a new Camstudio build in C#. At the moment is just a framework. It will take long before there will be a real product that will be available for common users. Note: At the moment it are only source and you must compile your own binary.

    v2.6 is the on going development of the original Camstudio and contains the many improvements of the last years. Because Camstudio does not have so many developers and certainly not a huge amount of people who are available to test new developments the v2.6 (r264) is released as beta.

    Nevertheless the announcement of 2.6b on SF and Camstudio is a great leap forward because it is the first official new release/revision after many years that can be used by common users.
    We hope that this release will motivate many people to join Camstudio development and test teams.
    As Camstudio is open source it requires some contribution from us all to push it forward.


    On some of the other forum discussions Nick explained the current status of v3.0.
  • I'm only a VB coder, but I can sure beta test! I'll help however I can and will report any bugs I can detect.

    Terry Britton
  • We now have a link to the last binaries (including beta's) on the main page.

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