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Why hasn't version 2.5 been included on the public Camstudio.org page?

I have found version 2.5 to be incredibly stable. Also,the SWF converter bug is fixed in it, and it has all these cool extra features ("window region" is totally fantastic for 1280X720 recordings for YouTube if you compensate for the "one extra pixel added to width and height" bug by using the "Sizer" free program to create 1279X719 size windows first).

Why hasn't the link to it been included on the main Camstudio.org webpage? Especially considering it isn't available from the Sourceforge page either? (Only served from the Camstudio.org server)


Also available there are the DLL files some people need to have included in their program's folder for it to work (especially if you put Camstudio 2.5 on a thumb drive).



Terry Britton


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