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Introduction CamStudio 2.6 beta on SourceForge

edited July 2010 in Announcements
To all,

I asked Nick a while ago to give users an opportunity to download recent and stable binaries from SF and CamStudio. My motivation for that is that the current available Camstudio v2.0 is compiled years ago and although a lot of work is be done by many people in the years after the new developments and improvements are not accessible for the majority of users.
By publishing (as executable) new stable releases on SF and Camstudio we can reach a big group of users that can help us to improve Camstudio. The feedback we can get from users will be no longer on issues that are well know and that in some cases are solved for years.

This release on SF is a little similar to the weekly builds from Jason (Bleeblap) a year ago. Main difference is that the new beta will not be released weekly and that a new revision will only be published after code is through fully tested. It must be stable.
For testing we still need a kind of weekly builds. I hope that all people that are using these weekly build will give us their feedback and report all discovered omissions. Till then I'm happy with any feedback we get about CamStudio 2.6 Beta on SF.
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