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file size of uncompressed capture affected by hardware restriction

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I am running experiment which requires me to capture the right file size of uncompressed screen capture videos. When I capture a full screen size video beyond a certain frame rate the capture seem to compress the file size. Does this happen when the hardware resources become restricted? Does the graphics card capacity matter? I did the experiment on three different machine and they had different file sizes for a 10 minute screen capture at 15 frames per second of a 1366by768 where the correct file size according to calculation says it should be around 26.5 Gb. However when I tried these captures on the laptop it gave an 18GB file size. The computer at University gave me the correct file size while the file size on the how computer was different. The only thing that is different is the hardware specifications. However the smaller 640by480 was accurate on the laptop.


  • rkdayan,

    What CODEC's are you employing? (COmpression/DECompression)

    Under Options, Video Options at the top. Most of those compress the video substantially to reduce file size (that is their purpose - like "Zip" for video files).

    I don't know which one of those would allow for a "RAW" capture that is completely uncompressed. I'm certain one of those does such a thing, but the thought never occurred to me to even want to try such a thing!


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    The ffdShow Tryout Codec has an encoding option for uncompressed video capture - other than that I don't know how you could do it with CamStudio.


    Nick :o)
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