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Camstudio 2.6 Beta Portable Released

edited August 2010 in Announcements
I just finished making Camstudio 2.6 Beta portable. It can run from a USB, no need to install anything.
Great if you are on a vacation and want to record your screen activity on your laptop or netbook.
Go here http://supanut2000.webs.com/downloads.htm for the program.


  • Thanks, supanut! That's a supa-useful offering!

  • @supanut

    Great idea, well done.
    Maybe you can include redist.exe in your usb release as well.
  • Yes;you may!
  • ... Just for clarification, supanut was responding "Yes you may!" to my (whispered) request for permission to mirror his portable version of CamStudio 2.6 Beta.


    Here's the mirrored link!


  • Hi Terry,

    Maybe you should apply the version an release number this file.
    Makes it easier to identify is last Camstudio release is the same as the USB release.

    And I can extend future Inno setup's with the files required for USB installation.
  • Jan,

    Great idea - for the time being both links work, but will replace future links with this format:


  • edited August 2010
    Here's how to do it.
    1. Copy the whole content of the installed folder to somewhere. Make sure the folder you're copying to is a clean directory.
    2. Delete all .avi files in the folder.
    3. You need winrar. Select all files, then right-click and click add to archive. Select create SFX archive and click ok.
    4. Now you should ended up with the exe file. That is the compressed archive. You can now delete other files.
    Note: You can do the same with the 2.0 version.
    If you get the error about the configuration is incorrect, then you can install the C++ runtime libraries, or stick to version 2.0. I'm planning to upload the 2.0 portable too.
    The 2.0 portable version is now up.
  • @Terry, Supanut

    Now we have release 273

    Are you busy to create:
  • Janhgm,
    It's up - R287!
    It's in the downloads page.
  • R287 ???

    Last release for community is still r273
    I assume you created a release based on the code in the 2.6 branch.
    That code is still in development and is not fully tested yet.
    I assume you tested it yourselves?
  • Yep I tested it myself although in the about box is still showed as R273.
    Got it from the link in one of the sticky post.
    Credits to MLT!
  • r273 was not mine :-) Soon.. there will be changes!
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