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WaveoutGetSelectControl() failed

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Im using this on version 2.0 annd when i click record sound from speakers i get this, ive already read alot about it on other discussions but nothing seems to work. Also when i record it records my speakers AND my mic, anyone got some help from this?


  • Smarty569,

    So, you're saying that you do not want the microphone at the same time, right?

    In your audio settings volume controls, depending upon which operating system you are using, check the box under the microphone slider that mutes it or turn that slider down all the way, or right-click and mute it. That will take the mic out of the loop, I'm pretty sure. Let me know if yours is working differently!

    Have you tried using the regular "record from microphone" thing, but used "Stereo Mix" or "What U Hear" as the input source yet? That might give you more control.

  • tbritton,

    Exactly, sorry I didnt get to this in time, ive been busy lately. I've tried both ways, selecting 'Record audio from Speakers' gets me WaveoutInitalize() failed. Which ive tried several guides but none work for it. And ive tried guides to go to the speakers and microphone from my computer but that doesnt work either. The only thing that works is 'Do not record audio' and 'Record audio from Microphone'. So I guess ill have to tape my headphones to my mics (theres two built in above my laptop screen) and record the audio from the mic.

    Hope you can help,
  • Mine is also working differently. I have IDT High definition audio speakers for my computer, no Realtek, nada...
  • smarty569,

    What do you mean by, "Also when i record it records my speakers AND my mic"? That sounds like the ideal arrangement!

    What operating system?

  • I have windows 7, but I dont want to record my speakers and my mic, just figure out how I can record only my speakers, atleast get it working first, then solve the sepakers and mic problem
  • When im trying to record a video, and say id set it to record audio from speakers (you know when it actually work...) it would record the sound that would come from my mic, like my voice, the computer fan, my chair, etc., and yet still record the sound from my speakers too.
  • smarty569,

    Can you disable your microphone input in the audio settings control panel? You would disable the OUTPUT controls, not the input (recording) controls in this particular case.

  • Lemme try that Terry, ill tell you how it went.
  • Okay, im in the sound manager and all my Mics are disabled, yet they still record volume, any reason to this?

  • edited September 2010

    If you are really in the playback controls (and not the recoding controls) and your mic input is muted, then I cannot imagine how this would happen. Can you share a video (via YouTube) or screenshot or two?

    The playback controls I'm referring to are the ones that would show up if you double-clicked on the little speaker icon in your tray (in XP and perhaps others) or selected simply "volume controls".

  • Id double click the speaker and only a thing for controlling my speaker volume comes up, if I click the button "mixer" below the controls it takes me to a window for the speaker volume, application volume (like how the computer makes those warning sounds), and a thing for Java if im in a game online that runs on Java. Should I go through my control pannel for the volume controls?
  • I'll show you the mixer and the thing in the control pannel on youtube once I can record it, its midnight right now so ill do it early in the morning.
  • edited September 2010

    I suspect that you have found the correct volume controls (the "mixer" ones), but that the panel needs to be configured to show more of the available controls (changing the options). There probably is a video at YouTube explaining how to change these settings so it shows more slider controls for more items (like your mic).

    Vista or Windows 7? Assuming Windows 7:

  • Following with the order of videos:
    1) Tried it already, not working...
    2)Im not sure how it helps? I think the guy was using a desktop not a laptop...
    3)I think I got lost or I followed it correctly O_o
    4)Its so freakin confusing what the guy is saying....

    **I use windows 7 on a laptop, so it doesnt show like 4 different recording speakers like some people**
  • Haha, I think it worked :D thanks
  • I've been watching this thread. Out of curiosity, which one of the videos helped it work?
  • The third one
  • edited September 2010

    Awesome! That's one down, one to go!

    Nice that he shows both Windows 7 and XP in the same video. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZV6yTujhNo )

  • Hehe, yeah, I saved the video too just in case : )
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