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Error Reading a Frame

edited May 2008 in Support
I have'nt used CamStudio for a while and recently updated to a quad core intel cpu, now every time I try to capture a window or a full screen an error comes up Error reading a frame. now matter what codec setting i have.. thoughts?


  • Anyone???
  • oppps meant to post here..

    does cam studio have issues with quad cores?

    I get a crash recorder.exe application error..
    the instruction at 0x7c168f1d" referenced memory at 0x0000001c. The memory could not be read.. click to terminate the program.

    then a mfc application error box

    AppName: recorder.exe AppVer: ModName: mfc71.dll
    ModVer: 7.10.3077.0 Offset: 00028f1d
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