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Unable to open the avi file after finish the recording

I have used the Camstudio 2.0 to record a long (2-3 hours) screen capture video with size about 2.7GB. I got error message when I tried to open the AVI file using Windows media player or SWF producer. But I was able to open a shorter test video with size about 400MB using the same players. Any help would be appreciated.


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    In the following thread please see the discussion with LowellGeneral regarding using VirtualDub to produce a usable AVI file larger than 2 GB:
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    Bear in mind the biggest an AVI can be is 2GB (AVI 1.0 format, which CamStudio creates). You most likely went seriously over that limit, especially if you did not compress anything and had low keyframe settings and/or a low capture-frames-every setting.

    The temp files (separate audio and video) may still be available in the directory where your initial recordings are set to go (typically the program directory or the Windows temp folder?) You can re-glue these using VirtualDub sometimes, but will have to save as either a more compressed format for AVI (due to the 2-GB limitation) or into a different format that does not have such a limitation.

    I'll have to search for the entry here that explains in a little more depth how another forum member rescued this situation (or search for "AVI limit" in comments, perhaps?) I'll get back to you here if I can find something soon.

    [Edit: Ah! Found one in the Sticky zone! http://camstudio.org/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=350 - try what booklover suggests and let me know! ]

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