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New video sharing site with Camstudio Lossless support

edited May 2008 in Announcements
Hello all,

I'm building a video sharing web site which has native support for the Camstudio Lossless codec.

I'm looking for some people to try it out and give feedback. If you are interested, please contact me at camstudiotrial.aw@andywaite.com



  • I can't seem to understand your idea. How will the people who don't have it installed (99,99%) watch the videos ?

    Anyway cheers
  • probably try FLV
  • Hi Peter,

    The site can convert the lossless video into a variety of formats including streaming flash (FLV) and M4V (iPod podcast).

  • And the name of the site is?
  • The name was/is Deskcaster, but the domain (deskcaster.com) has expired, so Andy has perhaps given up on the project.
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