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Merry Christmas everybody!

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To ring in the New Year's, and christmas, plus the holidays, I would like to announce that (I) ghosty1212, will be making 9, yes count 'em 9 tutorials. This will have to do with ANYTHING computer related, and they will be made promptly, and can range from anything simple to anything hard. My YouTube channel http://youtube.com/ghosty121212 , just send me a PM about what you want/need, and I will make a video tut with camstudio, and also send you a nice lengthy response one information about it. :) Anywho, I would like to wish everyone a happy christmas, and will be glad to hear from everybody! If you would prefer to contact me faster, please email me at: ghosty12121@gmail.com . You can just reply to this post, so that way it will be an easier way to communicate. Usually, it should take me about, oh, say about 1 hour to make the vid, and then about 20 minutes for it to be on YouTube. I will be happy to hear from you all, and I hope (once again) that everyone has great holidays! (This is my present to the cheerful community) May 2008 be a great year!


  • Hey Ghosty1212,
    your link in this post has a comma in it. When I click it I end up at a 404 page. When I trim the comma from the URL I end up at your page. I just wanted to let you know so you're not missing any hits to your page.
  • Thanks man! I'll make sure to change that, sorry it took so long for me to reply-- school was making me work hard. Thanks again
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