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"Record audio from speakers" restored (I hope)

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I think I restored the "Record audio from speakers" option to 2.5 Beta 1. It has already been tested (with good results) on two machines, but I just need, please, some extra testing from a few other users so I can be 100% sure it's working correctly. To do so, just replace the "Recorder.exe" in your CamStudio folder (make a backup of it, just in case) with the one I include in this ZIP:


Now, when you open CamStudio, the old "Record audio from speakers" option should be there. Select it, record something and, please, tell me how it went in this thread.
Also, for testing purposes, I recommend removing the "CamStudio.ini" file (also make a backup, so you can restore it after testing and have all your preferences back) from your CamStudio folder. Now that you have everything by default, open CamStudio and test this option.
Hope it works :)

Mar del Plata - Argentina


  • Didn't work here, with Vista SP1. "Record audio from speakers" is on the menu, but when I select it, I get an error message saying "WaveoutGetSelectControl() failed", and no audio is recorded.

    Could be a local problem, I don't know what the cause is, or even what the error message means ...
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    Hi, Torbjorn
    Thanks for testing and leaving your comment. Sorry to hear that :(
    But, about that Waveout message, are you sure it's not actually related to, what appears to be, a common audio error with CamStudio/Vista?


    Have you tried using the "Record audio from speakers" option with CamStudio 2.0?

    I forgot to mention, I used two XP Pro SP2 systems for my testing (I still don't give up on XP...), so unfortunately I can't look much further into that problem. I'll try to find a Vista system and see what I can do. Thanks again,

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    Hey 7Orfeo7

    You just attained official "LEGEND" status ... it worked perfectly on my XP machine!

    I just renamed the old Recorder.exe and left the INIs as they were to see what happened and sure enough, the option was in the menu - I enabled it and "Bob's your uncle" it worked.

    I've been so backed up with work lately, I'm behind on CS Development, but email me at support@camstudio.org and I'll be in touch.

    Cheers and thanks for working your magic.

    Nick :o)
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    Haha :)
    Thank you very much, Nick, I'm glad it's working for you. But I'm trying to find a way around that error under Vista...
    Torbjorn, can you do me a favor? Give it a try using one of this two INIs (along with the modified EXE from my first post, of course):


    First, make sure CamStudio is closed before replacing the INI. Now open CamStudio, select the "Record audio from speakers" option and just record something. Please, follow those steps without changing or doing anything else in between; I need to know that it's not actually some other setting that may be in conflict.
    Thanks, and sorry to bother you like that... :P

  • 7Orfeo7:
    It could be related to that error, I really don't know. That workaround will however not work here, as Dell has been so kind as to not make the stereo mix option available at all on my Inspiron 6400, even when showing disabled devices ... On second thought, this is perhaps the reason why it doesn't work?

    I've tried CS 2.0 and both INI-files with 2.5 beta, but no luck.

    And it's no bother, I'd like to know what causes the problem myself, even if is an option I've never really used.
  • Hi,
    You're right, no matter what changes I try to make to the EXE or the INI, you won't be able to use this option, simply because your system doesn't have exactly what "Record audio from speakers" needs: Stereo Mix.
    I recorded a little video where you can see this option at work on my XP, and most important, it's direct relation with Stereo Mix:


    Any other Vista user out there that can help me out with the testing? Remeber to try options 2 and 3, if the first doesn't work:

    1. The modified "Recorder.exe" (from my first post), with your "CamStudio.ini" file removed from the main folder.
    2. The modified "Recorder.exe", along with the first "CamStudio.ini" included in the ZIP (see two posts above).
    3. The modified "Recorder.exe", along with the second "CamStudio.ini" included in the ZIP.

    And many thanks anyway, Torbjorn, once more.

  • I tested it on a Vista ultimate and it worked. I was using the first version you uploaded. thanks.
  • I have Windows XP Service Pack 2.
    When I try opening the Exe you give here, it says that "cximage.dll" is missing.
  • Hi, soryy708:
    Sounds like you're just running my EXE by itself, which will always result in an error: you're supposed to REPLACE the original "Recorder.exe" from the CamStudio 2.5 installation package...


    ...with the file I provide. And if that doesn't seem to work, you can also try with the two INI files I modified (see five posts above for download and explanation).

    Anyway, success is not 100% guaranteed, but it does seem to work quite well so far, in tests made by some users here and some I made myself. Good luck ;)

  • thats exactly what i did, i replaced it with the original .exe file. im not so dumb ;)
    Still, it shows the error message
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    I'm not implying you're dumb; it's just that, when I (try to) help on a forum, I never assume that the other person is computer-savvy, so I'm as exhaustive as possible when trying to explain something. And since that "missing cximage.dll" error is exactly what you get when you run "Recorder.exe" by itself (i.e. outside Camstudio's installation folder, where "cximage.dll" is located), of course, I had to mention what I thought it might be the problem :)
    So, about that error: the thing is, my modification doesn't add any new call or special function related to that DLL, so, if you can run the "standard" Camstudio 2.5, you should still be able to run it after replacing the original EXE with mine.
    All I can do is provide this alternatives (this goes for everyone who wants to try the speakers function; forget all my previous links and just try with this three different packages, and in that order):

    FIRST ALTERNATIVE (RECOMMENDED): http://www.mediafire.com/file/uzznmm2mzyd/CamStudio25_Speakers_Alt1.zip
    SECOND ALTERNATIVE: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2iorjrkm32y/CamStudio25_Speakers_Alt2.zip
    THIRD ALTERNATIVE: http://www.mediafire.com/file/wfotdzlwtjd/CamStudio25_Speakers_Alt3.zip

    Just extract the ZIP anywere you want and run the "Recorder.exe" file. No need to replace any file anywhere.
    If non of those alternatives work, sorry, but that's about all I have.


    P.S.: Oh, BTW, GranmarG; not sure if you're still around, but I'm very glad to have another confirmation that it worked on Vista. It seems to be the most "tricky" SO regarding CamStudio/Stereo Mix :)
  • ...
    Ive entered the folder where the original exe is, i renamed the exe to 'backup', and putted the exe you gave in the folder. it showed me the error, i removed the exe, and renamed the original exe back to it's original name. i launched the original exe, and no error came up.
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    Ok, ¿what about the packages from my last post? Those include some extra libraries that might help. But I'm just guessing. I can't replicate your error, and I never experienced it in about 7-8 different PCs in which I tested the modification, all XP (SP2 & 3) except for one Vista.
    However, when googling your error, I came across this video:


    The uploader includes those three extra DLLs in the program folder, as well as the source files. Note the comment by user "Thedialgaperson". That's why I added the three libraries in my last packages; they won't cause any problem if not needed, but apparently might help on certain cases, considering Thedialgaperson's comment.
    Particularly, on almost every PC where I installed CamStudio, I always had to send "MFC71.dll" to "WINDOWS/System32" to avoid an error when launching CS.
    Other than that downloading and testing the packages from my previous post, I'm afraid I can't think of any other suggestion.
    Best regards,

  • Thanks, but i wont try it... im too lazy right now xD
  • tried the lot, no joy, vista sp2, i'm using a creative sb audigy, had a look at the workround but coundn't find the stero mixer
  • used the work round with version 2 on my laptop with windows 7 RC works :) , i test 2.5 in the next day or two
  • I had the same issues with Vista.
    the work around here: http://camstudio.org/blog/general/possible-workaround-for-waveout-error-on-vista
    fixed everything. It is running smoothly.

    Great software!
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    If you can't find the sound panel for enabling/disabling devices is just in Start > Control Panel > (switch to Classic View in the left) > Sound > Recording.

    there you enable stereo mix!
  • tested 2.5 on my laptop with windows 7 RC works :) , don't care if i can't get it to work on my main comp (must be something the sound card software does)
  • edited July 2009
    @powtail: Thanks for your contributions :)

    @geodav: And also thanks to you for keeping us updated on your tests. BTW, what is it that you tested? The "regular" 2.5, or the modified files I posted in this thread? Also, did it need some tinkering, or it worked right from the start? It interests me to know how's it working on Win 7. I'm a bit too lazy right now to download the RC and install it on a new partition :P

    I did test one of the earlier betas on a virtual machine but, of course, it isn't the same, because of some hardware being emulated by software.
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    I found a way to record from speakers without having that alternative at all. I choose to record from microphone, but in my recording settings in Windows XP I select Stereo Mix instead of Microphone. The only problem I'm having is that CamStudio changes the setting back to Microphone every now and then, so I have to check it each time I make a recording.

    There are a few tutorials on Youtube that describe how to find Stereo Mix under different circumstances. On my desktop, I had to upgrade my SoundMax driver, as is showed in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIofgxhiuHU On my laptop I could follow the instructions in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snO96iZls3U

    Hope this helped somebody :)
  • 7Orfeo7, applied your fix to my XP machine, works great ...thanks !

    If only there is a selection for lossy codecs like in the microphone, this proggie would be No. !
  • I am using windows xp and when i click on record audio from speakers, it says WaveoutGetSelectControl() Failed. What should i do?
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