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2GB recording linit with Camstudio

edited October 2010 in Common Tips & Tricks
The CS version 2.0 and 2.6b (r273) use as container for video AVA-1.
AVI-1 is according the standard limited to recordings of 2.0 GB.
If one exceed the 2 Gb boundery one is not warned but a error dialog appears.

If this occurs with you try to use to read the file with a codec that supports Avi-1 and Avi-2


  • If the file will save, running it through VirtualDub should successfully break the 2GB limit. For sure it works for CamStudio 2.0. There's more discussion and detailed instructions in an earlier Stickie post.
  • Sometimes it breaks the 2 GB and still works without the error popping up, sometimes it doesn't for me
  • computeruser,

    If using VirtualDub to open an oversized file, be certain the little checkbox in the lower left corner of the open dialog is checked ("Ask for extended options after this dialog") to enable advanced processing options.

  • VirtualDub did not work for me.

    I tried mencoder with some success. I got the entire video but the audio got lost after some time in the clip.

    Run this command :
    mencoder -idx corrupt-file.avi -ovc copy -oac copy -o fixed-file.avi
  • eesha,

    That's good to know! Thanks!

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