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Best settings for capturing flash video on the web?

edited November 2010 in Common Tips & Tricks
There's about a 30 second video that I want to capture from the web (I've tried all the youtube type downloaders for firefox and absolutely none of them work) So my only option is to capture it as it plays with something like Camstudio. So far everything I've tried with Camstudio results in choppy, not in sync video. I don't care anything about the file size, I just want to capture it as it appears in my browser window. Any suggestions as to codec and settings?


  • Have you tried RealPlayer? It has a downloader that seems to work fine with at least one small flv file that I just downloaded and then played on my xp machine. Haven't tried it on W7 machine yet, but I'd guess it'll work there, even if it has to be run in compatibility mode. I use IE8 and Firefox and Chrome but to see if there were any problems using Firefox, I purposely did the flv download using Firefox 3.6.12.

  • @dax702.
    What Camstudio version did you used.

    And what is not in sync.
    The pixel dimensions / The sound vs image or something else?
  • I doubt that FlashGot can't do it. They update it quite often to keep up with video services changes. Perhaps there must be a new release soon.
  • Without knowing exactly what dax702 downloading (flv?) I've used the Ant downloader for flv format for years (ant.com) and for 90% of the time it works great. Yes, exceptions like Hulu, will require a screen capture program. But 90% of the time, the Ant downloader takes whatever I throw at it.
  • I've had good luck with Realplayer's downloader for many years. You do have to reinstall Realplayer every time FireFox performs an upgrade, but it has worked flawlessly with most video types.

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