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Using CamStudio to publish on Vuze

edited July 2008 in Announcements
What codec/video editor combination can I use with CamStudio so that I can capture in high quality add titles and upload to Vuze?

I tried Microsoft Video1->MovieMaker but even at 100 percent quality is still poor.

I tried CamStudio lossless codec then edited in Movie Maker though capture quality seems good it loses quality once export from Movie Maker even with highest export settings.

I tried DivX codec then edited in MovieMaker though again capture quality is good it loses quality once export from Movie Maker even at highest export setting.

I tried DivX codec then edited in AdobePremiere... the export from AP shakes like it is cold.
The DIVX codec settings I am using in CamStudio are ones I got from this YouTube help video...

How to Setup/Configure Camstudio 2.0

Key frames every 30 frames

Capture frames every 50 millicec
Playback rate 20/frames/sec

If I could just upload the intial capture using the DivX codec to Vuze it would be good quality but I am having trouble with the quality staying good once I edit the video using Movie Maker or Adobe Premiere.




  • I would capture in a lossless codec like MSU's or the Camstudio Lossless codec, and with a resolution and framerate that matches the output file. From my limited experience, Moviemaker doesn't do a good job scaling video or images, so don't let it do that ...

    For example, if you wan't to export from Moviemaker a file in 1280x720, with 25 fps, set up CS to these same settings: Record an area of 1280x720, capture frames every 40 ms, playback rate of 25fps. Keyframerate, I'm not sure about.

    It did a couple of small tests, and got good looking video at 1280x720.
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