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Build Error

When I try to build Camstudio, I get this;
17>f:\camstudio\trunk\camstudio\recorder\stdafx.h(46) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'libconfig.h++': No such file or directory
How can I build Camstudio? Using Visual Studio 2008 with SP1.


  • http://camstudio.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/camstudio/trunk/CamStudio/ReadMe.txt?revision=302&view=markup
  • I assume that you can not always use latest release. Would suggest that we add a few lines which version/release one should use.
  • Finally have a success in building the program.
    I copied the libconfig++.lib, libconfig.lib, and libconfig.h++ to the recorder directery and it works.
    To run the binary, you need libconfig++.dll and libconfig.dll.
  • @Jan

    I'd suggest to rely on tags in svn. Whoever wants to experiment is free to use trunk, otherwise reasonably named tags would help.


    Something is quite wrong. Check settings, .h++ and .lib should be in their own folder. Did you change anything in build configuration?
  • edited December 2010
    Nope, I just build it and it works.
    Also when I build the program, why Visual Studio didn't build Player, Player+, and Producer? At the end of the log it says "3 skips". Same when I add the MSI installer project to Camstudio.
  • hi,supanut, i got the same error when i run a program downloaded form the internet, now i use the method you gave and it works well, but the important thing is i should configrate the linker: the include directory and the library directory. thank you for your method.
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