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Flashing green rectangle and taskbar Icon

edited December 2010 in Announcements
I tried to recored a flash file of the procedure to create a figure in blender 3d. I know blender is used of youtube blender demos all the time. I view them on there all the time. But when tried and pressed the stop button in camstudio and closed blender I got a big green rectangle on my desktop and a task bar icon titled "Flashing" that just would not go away. I finally had to do a ctrl-alt-delete to get the computer to respond again. I am using windows 7 Home Premium with 3 gigs of ram if that helps.


  • ??? Please clarify which version you are using.
    How long did you record. Size of your file. Anything that help us to understand what you are doing soo we can repeat your steps.
    For as far as I understand now you tried to create a flash file straight. Try to repeat this by making first an AVI and to convert it afterwards to flash.
  • Shaba1,

    The fact that the rectangle and the task bar icon titled "Flashing" appeared makes me think that the dialog waiting for you to select a window was sitting hidden behind some open window or program window (that is, "Window Region" was selected), and when you thought you were clicking "Stop", you actually had clicked "Go!" (Start Recording) by effectively selecting the window that you wanted to record (the CamStudio Recorder control window being selected, in this case).

    Just using deduction here, but it seems logical to think this may be what had happened.

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