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j'ai t


  • I translated this using Google Translate:

    I download a version of the software CamStudio TortoiseSVN with this link https: / / camstudio.svn.sourceforge.net / svnroot / camstudio, I want to work with the project cs3 because I need to "develop in C #.

    My problem is that this version does not work when trying to record a video for 1min, I find it recorded only a few seconds and if I try with 3 minutes or more the video did not open and I know not where this has occurred.

    is that there is someone who can help me?


    No No No No No!
    Do not use the cs3. The date is old. Use a more recent one.

    English to French translation
    Non Non Non Non Non!
    Ne pas utiliser la CS3. La date est vieux. Utilisez un navigateur plus r
  • je veux un projet en C# qui marche pas du C++.
    aidez mois SVP, j'ai vraiment besoin
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    Je suis d
  • http://camstudio.org/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=360&page=1#Item_13

    Some quotes from the above link:

    "To be honest, to me the current design (3.0.4) of CS 3.0 looks a little like a migration from a monolithic C-style project to the same style in C#.
    Few classes with numerous methods and properties, use of partial classes, lots of VS designer related stuff ..."

    "The current code was purely to get a raw functioning CS working in C# - the actual UI and feature development hadn't yet begun.
    A properly structured plan (design and development-wise) will be used when CS3 development resumes at some point in the future."

    Development is on hold and the current development line is v2.6. At the time of this writing r294.
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    (Au-dessus de Jan traduit par Google Translate http://translate.google.com )

    Quelques citations
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