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Audio ? Video Sync Issue even with Microphone & Vol Issue

edited March 2011 in Announcements

I need to report 2 issues with Camstudio 2.0.

1. Audio / Video is badly out of sync. I know this has been reported before in relation to the speakers but this is happening to me with Microphone selected as the source. I'm playing back a laser show in Pangolin Quick Show software and using Camstudio to record it.

This is what I have when its pulled into Sony vegas Pro for video editing:


Uploaded with [URL=http://imageshack.us]ImageShack.us[/URL]

You can clearly see the audio track is visibly longer than the video track. Unfortunately mearly shrinking it down to the same size doesn't seem to re-sync it.

2. You can also see the audio is over blown and distorted. Unfortunately the audio volume button in Camstudio appears non functional.

I'm running Windows 7 64 bit.



  • Image link here as it didn't embed:


    This should allow viewing directly.
  • Alsone,

    Watch these two videos and read their accompanying articles at my blog:



    There are other helpful articles there also.

  • Ok thanks I'll take a look at the settings.

    I think I was using 30fps whereas it seems from your web page 25 fps may be better.
  • Alsone,

    Yes, 25fps with a "Capture Frames Every" setting of 40 works well, as does the reverse also. Keep those two summing to 1000 when multiplied and you'll be golden.

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