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Poor Colour rendering

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Another Camstudio issue I'm finding is that colours in the final video are extremely faded and poor.

The only codec that seems to alleviate this is the lossless but unfortunately the video is then uneditable in popular editing software: eg Sony Vegas Pro as the codec isn't recognised.


  • I recently resorted to Largarith which does seem to alleviate the colour problem and importation problem. However video / audio sync is problem even with the microphone setting (I'll start a new post for that one).
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    I don't know how CamStudio Lossless could have caused poor color. It is lossless! But it is not made for high-motion video - only for browser and program shots, and Powerpoint slides. I routinely record Photoshop tutorials (where the color is critical) using CamStudio Lossless all the time!
    (For an example, see http://terrybritton.com/using-and-obtaining-a-saturation-mask-in-photoshop-for-exposure-repair-and-color-enhancement-488/ )

    Lagarith is a good solution, but watch your file sizes. At 32-bit display color you can only get 9.5 minutes and with 16-bit display color 11-minutes with 16-bit PCM audio (recommended). The AVI specification limits CamStudio from recording over 2 gigabytes in file size, so perform tests to discover your upper limits, or you could end up having an unusable recording and most likely have CamStudio crash on you. (If you use v2.6b, then you can set the "Options/Automatically Stop Recording" setting (in seconds) to shut your recording down before that limit is reached.)

    Other good solutions are XviD, DivX, and ffdshow using the MS MPEG4 codec, from what people have said around here. Install many (besides DivX) using K-Lite Codec Pack Full or Mega - but only install what you need. There are many more codecs there than are healthy to install all at once! If you upgrade to the newer versions of CamStudio 2.6 Beta, be forewarned that ffdshow will not show up in r272 nor r294 (only r264). See http://screencasttutorial.org/camstudioversions.html to see what works on my Win7 64-bit machine.

    CamStudio Lossless Codec works fine in Windows Movie Maker - I wonder why not in Sony Vegas Pro? Anyway, that is interesting - thank you for mentioning that.

  • Colours not bad with the Camstudio Lossless but terrible with the other codecs.

    The porblem with the lossless is as I said, it won't import into Sony Vegas Pro 10.0 64 bit. Maybe some kind of installation script is needed to import the codec into Sony's codec base.

    As this is Son'y £500 professional editor, I must admit I find it strange myself that it can't cope with an additonal codec.
  • Alsone,

    Ahhh, that's some Sony Baloney! (Remember the "Sony, No Baloney" ads in the '80s?) :-)

    Even YouTube accepts the CamStudio Lossless Codec (though in limited dimensions, like 1270X720 or 856X480). I cannot imagine why or how Sony could miss the codecs registered on your machine. Sorry, I just don't know.

    Does Lagarith Lossless work on it?

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