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Looks like this guy is trying t monetize on CamStudio development?

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Here is the website - http://www.rentacoder.com/RentACoder/misc/BidRequests/ShowBidRequest.asp?lngBidRequestId=970444

The description on the site sounds like he wants to place a new front end on the system and distribute it as his own.

By the way my name is Tom and I am hoping to participate in some development projects. Hi!


  • Hi Tom

    Thanks for posting about it, unfortunately there's nothing I can do about it as CamStudio was originally released under the GPL which allows him to do this.

    Although, he needs to remember that under the GPL, the source for all publicly-released modifications have to be released - if he doesn't, well then he's technically a very naughty boy! :)


    Nick :)
  • Thanks Nick. Although I understand the concepts of GPL, where, when, and how they are applied I don't exactly follow. I just wanted to point it out in case there was any funny business. =D
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