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Videos have bad quality

edited August 2008 in Announcements
I use camstudio 2.0 and when I record videos they have a little bit of bad quality but when I put them on youtube they are blurry. How do I fix this.


  • Youtube compresses videos alot, and uses a small resolution. It might help to lower the resolution of the video yourself, before uploading, but I think that using another hosting service, like Blip.tv (http://blip.tv) or Vimeo (http://vimeo.com/) would be a better choice.
  • If I change the codec will it fix the problem.
  • Hi nascar

    It might do, however I find that it's best to record at as a higher quality as possible when you intend to upload to sites like YouTube, etc. because of the downgrading they do - the better the source, the clearer the result after YouTube, etc. have finished with it.

    If you're recording your desktop, either use the CamStudio Lossless Codec @ 100% or DivX/XviD at high quality with MP3 audio at 96Kbps or 128 Kbps.

    You end up with a bigger filesize, but I guarantee the quality will be better afterwards.

    Almost all of the video hosting sites limit the filesize to 100MB (apart from Google Video and Veoh off the top of my head) so if you're intended to upload to many video websites, keep it under the 100MB limit to make sure it gets accepted in as many places as possible.



    Nick :)
  • @ nick... As you might tell from all my postings - I'm "surfing" the forum to solve problem with unusable quality despite trying nearly every setting and codec known to man. The postings I've read are a bit confusing - I'm not sure if many of them are closed out or not. Several related questions arise:

    1- is camstudio 2.0 (the only one I could find and install) the REAL latest edition? what's all this about 2.5 and 2.6 source etc.?

    2- I've tried lossless and divx and use blip - but the results are still terrible.

    3- YouTube is, granted, the worst and I've been told that you MUST do your own encoding to .flv before you give it to them. Exasperatingly, the rare individual youTube post is great! What gives with that?

    4- recording google earth and other programs from the desktop --- aggggh, what are the settings/codec to use?? a- to send to blip.tv and b-to do further editing, merging in pinnacle studio 11 (or any video editing software?)
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