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Why do so many people have problems with the audio?

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Just seems very strange that this software has this major problem with audio. I can see the video and it works great. However, there is no audio. I have been directed to several you tube vdeo that offer no help. You would think that there are two major components to any recording; video and audio. This should be a seamless process. I have read many complaints about the audio and all the hoops you need to jump thru to get this to work. Does anybody really know anything about the audio for this software. I have checked and rechecked the mic setting in my control panel everything is set and turn on and up.


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    Well, we get most people up and running here... eventually!

    It helps me to know what operating system you are using, and any settings you have tried in CamStudio's Audio Options for Microphone settings.

    Meanwhile, have you seen the videos I have put together in this playlist?

    I'll make a video this week to add to the set of how-to videos that features audio entirely, for both XP and Windows 7 (I do not have a Vista machine).

    Do not try the "Record Audio from Speakers" unless you have Windows XP (it works sporadically even then.) That feature was an attempt to exploit an XP sound system "hook", but some machines sound cards or chipsets disallow it.

    My best success has always come from checking the box in the Audio Options for Microphone that says "Use MCI Recording". This uses the sound from the system's audio control panel directly. Of course, make certain your "Audio Capture Device" is properly set to point to your sound card (not stereo mix, for instance, unless you know how to use that and set it up properly... there are videos for that in the above set).

    Let me know what your setup and settings are, and we'll try to help you.

    For an XP setup, perhaps this will help. (one of my very first videos. I sound so hokey - reading from a script!)

    - watch from 1:50 onwards, as it shows how to open the recording audio control panel and select among devices.


  • I have watched this video and have follow these instruction.
    1) windows XP
    2) just want simple microphone audio with the video
    3) opened control panel, checked mic, volume, have tried both usb and headset mic
    4) open camstudio options audio mic, pmc, check bottom use mci
    5) test many times no audio
  • avalier,

    Then you are experiencing a very unusual set of issues. Those settings have worked for thousands of our users worldwide. (Not that hearing that is exactly very comforting for you, I know...)

    Can Audacity or any other audio recording program hear your microphone (even Windows Sound Recorder in Accessories/Entertainment?)

    I'm totally stumped!

    What audio card are you using? I cannot even imagine how, if you checked the microphone in the Recording audio panel, that it would not pass directly into CamStudio having MCI Recording checked.

    Have you recently updated drivers from the manufacturer's site? Sometimes that can mess things up... RealteK made me lose my speaker icon from one of their "latest" drivers on my HP. Try rolling back your driver from the device manager to see if that helps.

    I'll keep thinking on it - please give me some more info to work with.

  • I have Sigmatel Audio card. I have tried both cam studio 2.0 and beta 2.6 (Better) The mic is usb Gigaware the line in headset type is don't know manuf ac-100. I have used both
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    I just answered afar with the exact same response as below, but it strikes me that both of you are experiencing audio problems, though of completely different kinds (his compression doesn't work on an installation into a new machine)

    I wonder if it would help matters to re-install the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtimes from scratch?

    2008 version

    2010 version

    Let me know if that helps!

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