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Window size changed in library of existing .avi files

edited May 2011 in Announcements
I have a library of .avi files recorded with CamStudio 2. When I would open a file in Windows Media Player, the content would fill the WMP viewing window as it was recorded. Suddenly, I'm opening files only to find that the content as originally recorded has been shrunk down so that it fills only a small central portion of the WMP viewing window. That's true of every file in the library, which is stored on an external drive. Basically, the library is now useless. Is there any way to fix this?


  • Did you use Alt-Enter to view those in full screen mode in the past?

    Nothing can change the pixel dimensions of the original files, so all I can imagine is that your display size has now been set to a higher resolution, or you used to always watch in full-screen mode. I'll bet your new screen has higher resolution, so the given pixel dimensions are taking up less of the available real estate on your screen. You can resize them using a program like VirtualDub - but look elsewhere for detailed instructions as to how this is done.


    It is easy, just a little confusing to get around the VirtualDub interface sometimes.

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