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The most advanced car performance simulator uses CamStudio

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I have used CamStudio to record some videos for showing NxGTR Sim features, videos are here http://www.nxgtrsim.com/videos.html

I saw this at CamStudio web page:
"There are no royalties or any monies to pay - although if you do use it for a commercial product, I wouldn't say no to a copy of whatever you produce"

Which I think is a fair deal, the problem with my software is that its very specific and designed for people that (really) know about cars or at least wants to learn about it.

There is Free and Pro accounts, I am gonna give 3 pro accounts here if anybody is interested and of course 1 pro more for camstudio creator of course.

The simulator can be found at www.nxgtrsim.com

PS: Sorry if this is not the right way to post this, but could not find another contact.
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