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Video looks strange when played on XP

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I recently recorded some video on my new laptop using Windows 7 and after recording the video clips look great when played back on my computer. However, when I try to play it in XP or try to post on Vimeo it looks horrible- the video is slanted to the right and the color display is mostly black and white. I recorded clips using Vista on my old laptop and never had this issue, but have now been experiencing it with Windows 7 and the latest version of the program and Codec. (Camstudio v2.6 with Camstudio Lossless Codec v1.5). Has anyone else experienced this before? Any solutions you might suggest?

Thank you,

Joel Miller


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    It may be caused by not having the capture area divisible by two or four. Terry, our resident expert, suggests that a fixed area be used rather than the whole screen. Also, Terry currently suggests xvid as the codec to use since he and another member here did a series of experiments that convinced them that a specific version of xvid with particular settings produces the best combination of quality and small file size while keeping under the 2GB AVI file size limit.

    Nearer the top of this page is information about Terry's recommendations. Try this thread: http://camstudio.org/forum/discussion/658/req-recommended-settings-for-recording-for-90-min.#Item_49

    Good luck.

  • Joel (and thanks, Jo!),

    CamStudio Lossless is particular about the sizes, as Jo mentioned. I definitely recommend Xvid. There is a post about it at my site about using Jawor's version, but here is the link to Jawor's download page:

    Even if you have a 64-bit machine, you'll need the 32-bit binaries for CamStudio. In that case, just install both!

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