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Can't delete a file.

edited August 2011 in Support
I made a video over 2 gigabyte before I knew not to, and i deleted the video but the wav file won't delete, and it's four gigabytes and taking alot of space on my CPU, and I can't delete it, it keeps saying that it is being used/open in another application, I restarted my Computer many times, and made sure all windows were closed, even removed some programs, but the file will still not be deleted. Any idea why?


  • me too! why anybody support in this key? what happen going on???????? #:-s
  • I don't know why that is happening, but if you start in safe mode, nothing should be using the file whatsoever, and you should be able to delete it then. Press F8 repeatedly till the safe-boot menu comes up, and select "Start in Safe Mode". Log in and delete the file, then restart normally.
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