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How do I save video file?

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I've recently downloaded CamStudio free software to do video recordings, and am having issues "Saving" the file once I've recorded something. Once the recording is made, it's automatically playing it in Windows Media Player. However, there's no option to SAVE via CamStudio or WMP. Has anyone here had experience with the CamStudio software and been able to save an actual video file?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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    You don't say which version of CamStudio you are using. CamStudio 2.0 works but it saves its files in the program folder. CamStudio 2.6b release 294 can save the files wherever you designate. Both have choices the user can make, under Options. However, version 2.6 actually remembers and uses most of those choices, particularly if the user will save and close CS and then reopen it.

    FYI: CS saves in AVI format, so try not to go over its 2GB file size limit. There are ways to make usable files that are over 2GB, but not too far over, but it's easier just to avoid that.

    One of the choices you can make is to NOT play the file after recording. Suggest you have a look at the Options menu and then post back with further questions.

    Yes, many of us are routinely using CamStudio successfully for a variety of purposes. I do screen captures at a streaming puppycam site and post them on YouTube. Others do tutorials.

    You'll find Terry Britton's CamStudio tutorials particularly helpful. Look for links to them at the very top of this page. Terry's our resident expert, and I imagine he'll be along before very long.

    Welcome, and enjoy.

  • Thank you for the quick reply Jo. I am using CamStudio 2.6. I've set up a separate folder to save the files in now under Options >> Program Options >> Use User Specified Directory. I'm recording audio/video content approximately 10 minutes in length with my headset... is that likely to go over the 2GB file size limit?

    I'm going to check out Terry's tutorials now to get up to speed. Thank you again for your assistance.

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    David, the file size depends a lot on the codec used, as well as other factors. I've found that in my captures if the pups are racing around so there's a lot of action, the file size accumulates a lot more quickly than when there's less action.

    Terry has recently been recommending the xvid codec since it represents what he and another member, through a series of experiments, determined is the best combination of quality and small file size. In one of his posts above Terry furnishes a link to a particular version of xvid that he recommends.

    A look at the following post should give you valuable information about what settings produced small file sizes with good quality in their experiments: http://camstudio.org/forum/discussion/658/req-recommended-settings-for-recording-for-90-min.#Item_49

  • dhubermex,

    The "Use User Specified Directory" determines where the temp files are placed. You have to set the "Name of AVI File" to "Ask for Filename" to be able to selcet where you wish the final recording to be saved at.

    Xvid definitely helps a ton in avoiding going over the 2GB limit. See other posts and videos to see the settings best used to keep the audio and video in sync.

  • dhubermex, choosing the automatic naming method instead of Ask for File Name will also work, depending on your needs. Since the screen captures I do begin only when there's action on the screen, the auto naming works best for me since I don't want to be delayed and miss some of the action just to name the file. As part of the name under the auto system it'll have the date, which works well for me and perhaps for you, depending on your needs.
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