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Apologies For The Extended Downtime

edited January 2008 in Announcements
[Also posted on the blog and sent to the mailing list]

Sorry about the extended downtime ...

Turns out my webhost thought one of their MySQL servers had suffered a hack and promptly shut it down.

Unfortunately all my websites using blogs (CamStudio too) and anything remotely dynamic used that database server and so everything went dark - including my mailing list software, so I couldn't even update everyone as to what was going on.

Anyway ...

We're back online now and I'll look into moving my mailing list onto another service so I can keep you in the loop.

Apologies, once again.


Nick :)


  • Glad to see we're back Nick, and now we can communicate more about CS and whatnot to the forums. The hack stinks- but thankfully it didn't affect us. :D
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