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Recording problems

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I am recording some things with camstudio, but I don't know how to edit it with windows movie maker.


  • Just start Windows Movie Maker, drag the AVI file created by CamStudio into WMM, and edit as you need to. I'd suggest you make a copy of your AVI file and experiment with that if you've never used WMM before, but it's not critical since your changes can be discarded. I enjoy WMM, particularly the later version. The earlier version (that came with XP) was good when it worked but was sorta buggy. So far I haven't found that to be the case with the later version.

    You might find it worthwhile to Google "Papa John" I think that's his name who writes extensively on Windows Movie Maker.

    Good luck!
  • Blackspy025,

    Sometimes I have to convert to WMV format first using a converter like Freemake or AnyVideoConverter before going into WMM.

    Papa John is an expert at WMM. http://papajohn.org

  • booklover,
    How exactly do you "drag" the file, make a copy of the AVI, what does SVI mean?

    Tbritton/ Terry,
    What is WMV and a converter?

    Really sorry for all the questions, I'm "kind" of "bad" *coughsobadmanypeoplewouldlookdownuponmewithpitycough* with computers and... whatnot... so... thanks for your help so far. Really apreciate it.

  • Blackspy025,

    WMV stands for "Windows Media Video" and is the format used by and output by Windows Movie Maker.

    Converters change a video file from one format to another. There still are no "standards" which are all compatible with every software. So, we have to convert sometimes. Also, some formats allow for much smaller file sizes, as they have great compression. But sometimes those well-compressed files do not work well in video editors, so they'd need to be converted to a format that does. I hope that clears up that one for you!

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