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where is the recording

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So i had to set up camstudio again but i forgot to change the save location. Where is the video that i just saved?


  • Probably in the temp files or the program folder.
  • hodge,

    The default setting places the video into the Program Files(x86)\Camstudio folder, named with the time and date. This can be changed.

    The setting is in the "Name of AVI File" option under Program Options, not the "Directory for Recording" option, which selects only the location for the temp files. Change it to "Ask for Filename" and you may then select where you want to save the file.

  • hmm weird i looked in that file and i dont see it.. was i to hit a save button?
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    No, just hitting the stop button should have compiled the two temp files (audio and video) into a final version.

    Try a test recording and look for an AVI file in the Program Files(x86)\CamStudio folder.

    Anyway, I always use the "Ask for Filename" option under "Name of AVI File". Time-stamps just don't speak to me!

    You didn't by any chance go over the 2GB file size limit with that recording, did you? That will crash CamStudio and, although it may not close the program, it will fail to write the final files in that case.

  • ok i will try that.. i normally use that as well but i just forgot to set it up that way this time
  • ok did a test recording... file plays but when i go to look for it in that folder it is not htewre
  • hodge,

    Well, if it plays, it is getting saved somewhere... Perhaps you have another CamStudio folder somewhere???

    Try doing a search for *.avi across your entire hard drive to see if any time-stamped videos show up.

  • yeah i dont get it, search comes up nothing
  • hodge,

    Its got to be somewhere to have played!

    Look in your player's playlist or recent files section to see if you can discern where the file location was, perhaps.

    This is just a bit spooky, isn't it? That it played an invisible file is just too weird!

  • Have you set the computer to show all files? If not, it might not show it if it ended up in program directory.
  • yeah i dont get it.. so i just had to reload windows and thats why i had to set up camstudio again. Computer is set to show all files but i still dont see anything. its not an issue because what i recorded was just a test, but it frustrates me that i cant find it!
  • hodge,

    Set it to "ask for file name" in the "Name of AVI file" option, and then you can save videos anywhere you like - but I am still totally mystified as to why you aren't seeing the auto-saved ones.

    booklover and I have just verified that if you set the temp directories using Options|Program Options|Directory for Recording that the automatically named finished files will end up in there as well. So, take a look into that folder for your file, perhaps.

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    Check out this screen shot:
    Set Automatic File Naming -
    File is saved in location determined by "Directory for Recording" setting shown below

    And this one:
    Directory for Recording in CamStudio also determines where Auto-Named files go as set in "Name of AVI" file - setting shown below:


  • Anyone who uses Vista or Win 7 should remember that CamStudio generally produces "compatibility files" which will be quarantined by MS UAC if saved in "protected areas" (often anyplace in C). When you save such a file in a protected area, you'll see a "compatibility file" link at the top of the page. Click on it and your saved files will show up. For ways of dealing with this situation, have a look at this:


    This is a very common problem, and it may be happening here.

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