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Recording Fireworks 8 art demo - how to NOT record the cursor?

I'm trying to make a demo recording of the progression of a drawing and don't want the Fireworks tool cursor (in this case, a brush circle cursor) on the palette to appear in the screen recording. I just want it to look as though the art appears by itself with no sign of the Fireworks cursor. I'm not talking about the Windows mouse pointer arrow, but the tool cursors (circle for brush, pen icon for pencil, fill icon, etc) show as you interact with the palette. Any ideas here? I'd fiddled with it a bit and have had no luck. Thanks in advance for any help.


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    I see - so when you turn off the mouse cursor, these custom cursors still appear. They must be built into the interface for the program.

    Unless the program has a means of hiding these cursor icons in its options settings, the only way around it would probably be a registry hack. Dig deep into the options settings, though - there just might be a way. However, I know other Adobe products that I own do not present such options.

    You can create custom cursors, and elect to hide the default and show your custom cursors instead. Perhaps that will work with no custom cursors involved (merely hiding the default ones.)

    Also, in Photoshop's Options, you can opt to show "Precise Cursors" and only crosshairs appear. That might help at least somewhat if no other option presents itself.

    If you have two monitors, you might be able to set up a Preview window on the other monitor (or in a clean space on one monitor) - that window won't show the working mouse - only the results. Record that instead.
    I doubt this is right, but here's a link:

    In Photoshop, under "Arrange" you have an option to create a new window that is a copy of the same document. That window doesn't show the cursors, but does show the changes. It isn't "live" in real-time as you are drawing, though - only once you release the mouse button does your drawing action appear.


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