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Advice about recording from microphone.

edited September 2011 in Announcements
Well, I finally managed to get a decent video codec working and figured out how to record from both microphone and speakers. Everything is great, but one thing keeps bothering me. It would be great if camstudio would record my voice (microphone) only when I would click/hold down some button. I don't want to spend so much time later removing unwanted sounds from my video file with another program.

And an unrelated question: any plans for other OS support?

PS. Just a suggestion: they current membership approval method is a bit annoying. How about just sending a confirmation code like the rest of the internet forums? You will be sure its not another spambot and we won't need to wait few hours to post.


  • camstudiousr,

    Well, that would be a hack into the operating system's audio panel. Easier to buy a headset with a mute button on the mic cable!

    There are currently no plans for other OS support, sorry.

    I am typically the one who approves the forum applications. We get so many spam bots you wouldn't believe it! And they all have automation to "reply" to the confirmation code things, so we're stuck with doing it manually. Believe me, if I didn't have to work my way through 50 or more of the same fake "reason" submissions every day, I wouldn't!!

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