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recording game, too slow and black screen...

edited October 2011 in Announcements
Hello, Im tryinf to record opengl games, camstudio produces black video in fullscreen mode and is tooo slow in windowed mode.
Any tips on faster settings (codecs) for game recording and perhaps any guesses why fullscreen doesnt work?


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    I like Jawor's Xvid using the 720HD profile.

    Set the SKFE to 10-30, though you can experiment with 100 or so for smaller file sizes.

    Set CFE to 40 and PBR to 25 and you should get pretty smooth results, if your machine can keep up, of course!

    You can use BrianApps' Sizer program to set a window to 1280X720, but reduce the settings by one pixel to overcome a glitch in the 2.6 beta r294 version. (that is, use 1279X719) - don't worry, r294 will add the pixel back in to the width and height again for correct settings.


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