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No audio

edited October 2011 in Announcements

I was successfully recording audio using my webcam mic. After a restart, it no there is no longer audio. When it was working, I could see the temporary files in my chosen output directory, including a .WAV file, while the program compiled the full video. Now, I see no .WAV file after recording. My mic is working. I can see the levels moving in Control Panel. I have tried changing my audio settings to no avail. I'm on Windows 7. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Camstudio.

I was on a roll until this! Thanks for any advice you can offer!


  • Never mind! I guess "Do Not Record Audio" is a default. I'm a dummy!
  • lontano,

    No, not a dummy, just a new user like I was! :-)

    Have fun and ask any questions you may have that come up.

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