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Cpu usage too High, Help!

edited December 2011 in Announcements
I record multiple things at once sometimes and I have never had a cpu usage problem before. The stream runs smooth, but everything else is slow. I am currently using ffdshow codec with mpeg-4 encoder, running at 200 fps, 100 % quality. I can turn in down to 160 fps but the video is not as great. Why am i getting this high cpu usage all of a sudden. Also, i reformated my hard disk and forgot what prior encoder I was using, so maybe im not using the right one. Also, Windows 7, i3 clarkdale, 8 gigs ram, 240 nvidia gt. Someone give me some ideas.


  • You are pushing your processor(s) as hard as possible with such a high fps setting. We use 200 to test what the maximum fps available from a machine can be. It takes all processing power away from other programs running except vital ones.

    When running the recorder, what does the "Actual Input Rate" read at this 200fps setting?

    My codec of choice lately is Jawor's Xvid (google - CamStudio needs the 32-bit version). It boasts fantastic input rates even with the fps set to 40 or 50. I use CFE at 40 and PBR at 25 for most full-motion recordings. Make certain those two multiplied sum to equal 1000 for good sync, and in Audio, check "Use MCI to record". Compress the audio later using another program, like any video converter.

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