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Trying to record my voice and speakers

edited January 2012 in Announcements
I have done all i need to do i believe to be able to record both but when i start recording it says the specified device is already in use. Wait until free, and try again. Error in StartAudioRecording ()


  • Well, what are you doing? And... did you watch my related videos on YouTube?


  • I watched the video and thank you and I figured out what was the problem but i am now having a difficulty with the volume, when i am using I can here the computer in my headphones and it loud but when it plays it again i can barely make out the noise of it although I can hear my voice perfectly. I have every volume setting at max I'm barely wearing my headphones its so loud but it still goes through the recording as barely any sound
  • The feed to the headphones is pretty loud, alright. Make sure you are "listening" and sending the mic to the speakers, not the headphones. You can only monitor on the headphones if you have that Realtek pass-through I show in the video or plug your headphones into the speaker jacks.

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