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Video showing lines!

edited January 2012 in Support
I just made my first video with Camstudio after it was highly recommended.
As soon as I uploaded it to my server it was playing with all these weird
lines on it!

Can you tell me how to fix it or what I could do to prevent this please?

I'm wanting to host it on my site and use Optimise Press as the theme for my Wordpress page where it plays.

Thanks for any tips as I'd like to use this but just can't see how to get round that as the lines
didn't show when I made it.


  • I'd need to know a few things about what settings you've used. I've never heard of "lines" showing up after an upload before, so I would guess it was the codec you used, perhaps. But that's just guessing! What were your settings?

  • Rachel

    Can you also tell us if you've converted the AVI into another format to play it within OptimizePress?


    Nick :o)
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