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Don't want to merge video with audio.

edited January 2012 in Support
Hi everyone.I don't want to merge video with audio in Camstudio 2.6b. Because my file is very large, so the time to merge is long.
I try to edit config in camstudio.ini but it's not work. What should i do. Sorry for using the wrong language.


  • Hi Audi

    Hmm ... never done this before, but you could try this

    Before you start recording, create a new folder for CamStudio's recording directory and then open the following in CamStudio

    (Options > Program Options > Directory for Recording > Use User Specified Directory)

    Point to that new folder.

    Now record a 30 second test with audio using your preferred codecs and instead of stopping the video at the end of your recording, pause it ...

    Now go back to your recording folder and see if you can make copies of the separate audio and video files ...

    If that doesn't work, you'll have use another application to record the audio whilst CamStudio only records the video data (In CamStudio, Options > Do not record audio)

    This will depend on your soundcard, Windows version and whether multiple applications are able to access the soundcard at the same time.

    Anyone else have any ideas?


    Nick :o)
  • Thanks nickthegeek.But I want to press stop recording and file doesn't merge.If it does not. I will follow your advice.
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