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Help Please!

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Well, I need help getting CamStudio. It lets me install CamStudio to my Windows XP computer but when I try to open the recorder an error message pops up and I can't get on it. Please help if you know how to fix this! :D <3 :3


  • Can you tell me (or take a screenshot of) the message so I have an idea how to help you?


    Nick :)
  • Here is a video I took of it, nickthegeek. :P
  • Come on. Please help me!!!!! D:
  • You removed the video before I had a chance to view it.

    Can you reupload it please?


    Nick :)
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    You might not have the runtime libraries installed.

    Get them for 32-bit XP, Vista or 7 here:


    (This is the one you will need - the 2008 version - even if you have a 64-bit machine)

  • And Terry has saved me! :::DDD <3 :3
  • one more thing, how do I make it so that the video goes at normal speed instead of going very fast or very slow? ;p
  • also, in the normal player it doesnt let me view my .avi video ;p
  • Go get and install Jawor's Xvid, using his HD720 profile, with the Xvid quality slider all the way to the left (at 1) or perhaps up to 4. Be certain to click the "Other Options" button at the bottom of the configuration dialog and un-check the "Display Encoder Status Window" check box.


    Use these settings: Set Key Frames Every: 30 to 200; Capture Frame Every: 40ms; Playback Rate:25fps. Those should work. Use MCI for recording in the "Audio Settings for Microphone" and set it up to use Stereo Mix.

    See videos at for more information.

  • do i go to stable, old, or unstable on the website i dont get it ;p;p;p
  • edited February 2012
    Stable, unless you want to be a beta tester (which I doubt...)

    English not your native language? Stable usually means "no bugs left". Unstable usually means "there are bugs still and you can help me get rid of them". Old means "this worked on lots of machines in the past and might work on your old machine if the latest stable release doesn't".

    I hope that helps you there.

  • I'm totally not English. UNO DOS TRES! :P No, I'm English. :P
  • Heh... Well, you got an uber-clear response out of me, at least! :-)

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