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Super CamStudio (and more) Mind-Map unearthed

edited February 2012 in Announcements
Here is a mind-map that runs in your browser (as a Java app) that is pretty full of information.


I made it well over a year ago, originally intending to include it in a tutorial series package -- but that package became the CamStudio tutorial videos you now see at YouTube and the mind-map element was forgotten about! Well, I found it, and now you can enjoy the three tons or so of information buried within!

There is an HTML-only version of the same thing in case you cannot see the Java version at the site.

If you see any deprecated or out-of-date (or simply wrong) information in there, please let me know here and I'll fix it pronto!




  • AWESOME stuff Terry!

    Thanks for putting it together!


    Nick :)
  • Thanks, Nick!

    BTW - how stable is that CamStudio 2.6c that I never knew about till a couple days ago? :-|

    I think I like it! All the codecs are showing up!

  • Not sure yet Terry ... we're testing it out now ...


    Nick :)
  • Drat - the java players for FreeMind and FreePlane are no longer registered with Java, so neither exports as java players works.

    I'll keep trying and will try to contact the publishers of the programs - till then, the HTML version will have to suffice, or download the .mm file, which works in either FreeMind or FreePlane.

  • edited July 2012
    thanks Terry a lot!
  • frogg,

    I'm just ecstatic that the java version is working again! Lots of stuff in there!

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